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Product Overview: Focus Vitamin Patch

Are you looking for some help to perform at your best? In a world packed with competing distractions, focus can be hard to find. The Patch Brand, however, has a vitamin formula that will help you focus on what you want, and cut the rest out for good. Let’s take a look.


Introducing Our Focus Vitamin Patch

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We all want to work better and smarter, but our brains aren’t always in the same vibe as we are. What if we told you there was support out there to help you focus better and achieve everything you need to on that to-do list? That’s what the Patch Shop’s focus vitamin patch is here to do.


Focus Vitamin Patch Benefits


‘Focus’ is a surprisingly difficult thing to quantify. It’s an amalgamation of making sure your brain can work at its best, while minimizing the lure of distractions and cheap dopamine thrills. We’ve created a special blend of extracts, vitamins, and minerals, known to help promote focus in the brain and keep it humming along happily, so you can get what you need done hassle-free.


How To Use Our Focus Vitamin Patch


Our focus vitamin patches are simple to use. Peel off the backing and stick on a free patch of skin, and you’re ready to go! Leave the patch in place for 24-hours for maximum benefits before replacing it with a new patch. We do suggest you choose a slightly different area for the patch daily, so that your skin has time to breathe in-between applications. Notice a sticky residue? It will clean off with soap and water, no problem. 


Focus Vitamin Patch Ingredients


Our focus vitamin patch is all about helping your brain do its best. So we opted for a tried-and-trusted blend of brain-boosting ingredients that have shown much promise in encouraging focus and concentration, namely Gingko Biloba, Bacopa Monnieri, Vitamin B3, and Magnesium L-Threonate. Together, these ingredients help build the right toolset for your brain to thrive.


Why Vitamin Patches?


What makes vitamin patches the best way to get your daily blend of supportive vitamins? We firmly believe that vitamin patches offer the very best in quality and practicality, so let’s take a closer look. 


Reason #1 - Easy to Use


No packaging to fight with, no pills to swallow, no trouble at all. Simply pop the patch onto an area of clear skin and go about your day- your focus vitamins will do the rest without hassle or worry.

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Reason #2 - Extended Release Vitamins


One of the biggest concerns with a pill-based vitamin is ensuring maximal uptake from the digestive system during the limited time it’s in your intestines. No such worries with transdermal vitamin patches. Your vitamin dose can be delivered consistently throughout the day with no fuss.


Reason #3 - Pure vitamins


Do you have to scour packaging to check for fillers you’re allergic to? Not so with vitamin patches! Because there’s no need to ‘pack’ them to get them into the body, all you get is the vitamin blend you want, no fillers, no questionable ingredients.


Frequently Asked Vitamin Patch Questions


Do you have questions about our focus vitamin patches? Here are three questions we often hear from our new users. If you have any others, do feel free to head over to our website. And we love hearing from you, too!


Question #1 - Are vitamin patches safe to use every day?


Our vitamin patches are safe for you to use daily! We make sure to source the very best ingredients, all-natural and trusted by herbalists for centuries. 


Question #2 - Can I use more than one vitamin patch at a time?


If you are looking to supercharge your day, you can use two patches at the same time. It shouldn’t be necessary, however, as each patch is perfect to deliver what you need as you need it. 


Question #3 - Can I mix-and-match patches?


If you feel the need to tailor a patch regime to your needs, go right ahead. We do advise you to consider the properties of each vitamin patch, however. You don’t want to do something like mix focus and sleep patches together, as they’re counterintuitive to each other. 

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Introduction to The Patch Brand


Founded by a group of friends who wanted something safer and more effective than the traditional vitamin industry, the Patch Brand offers you extended release vitamin patches with none of the fluff and fuss. Easily bio-available, safe, extended-release formulas that deliver what you need, when you need it, and nothing else- that’s the Patch Brand promise.