• "I use the Sleep and Immunity formulas and appreciate that they don’t have sugar like chewable gummies.”

  • “The Patch Brand's Stress Relief Patches are worth checking out… I can feel the calming effects after about 30 minutes.”

  • “The Patch Brand makes vitamin consumption super easy with their patches that stick right onto your skin!”

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Why Do I Need This?

Sometimes water just isn’t enough after a night out, we’re here to help you wake up refreshed.

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How Do I Use This?

Put on 30 minutes before the night begins, then patch up a new one the next day.

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Key Ingredients

Vitamin B1

Known to help the body generate energy to support the brain and nervous system.


Known to accelerate your body's ability to break down toxins for healthy liver function.


Protects the body against free radicals, peroxides, and heavy metals.