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I love the way they work I am not shaking and sometimes I get enough energy just to do things

Energy Patch

I love it and about to order more

Patches do not stick to your face. Waste of money.

Focus Patch

Love them, wear them everyday to help keep my focused

Calm Patch
Amazingly Calming

These are so effective, consistent, and quick to work against anxiety that it seems like it's more than just placebo. When I was in a very tough work environment that was giving me anxiety attacks all day, these got me through it and helped me in interviews to find a new job. Now, if my fiancee has major anxiety, I recommend he try them and they help him too.
We both have OCD and anxiety disorders, he suffers from hypochondria and these patches have been the only thing that has been effective while he's working with his doctors on other treatments. It may not be the solution for long-term anxiety, but it sure really helps stabilize to get effective treatment or help in a tough situation. I would recommend these to anyone.

I didn’t seen to see any difference.

It doesn't work at all, at least for me.

Love it

Didn't feel anything

This didn’t work for me tried it multiple times

Calm Patch

Subtle yet very effective

Focus Patch

Great product!

Recovery Patch

i like them. i think it is placebo effect than it actual working.

they are alright

Don’t notice any difference

Don’t feel any different

I don't want this product anymore, don't even charge me again

I sent them an email notifying

Calm Patch

They really work

I purchased all of the patches and have used half of them all and received zero results. I used at different times and placed the patch in various places and still nothing. I gave them away hoping the could benefit someone else. I will not be purchasing again

Also did not work for me at all

Did not work for me whatsoever

Sleep Patch

Didn't help me fall asleep or stay asleep.

Never even got the damn product, ordered it two months ago AND sent multiple emails.
I wouldn’t recommend just due to the horrible customer service.

Love it!! Definitely sets the mood for a great evening.

I honestly didn’t feel any different, thought maybe if I was somewhat in the mood then the patch would enhance the feeling but it really did nothing. I wouldn’t waste the money on this specific patch.