This Viral TikTok Vitamin Patch Unlocks A Whole New Way To Focus

  • 1. Great for moms.

    Peel, stick, and repeat. It’s that simple. Each Patch contains a variety of different vitamins catered to your specific needs and has nearly a 100% absorption rate.

  • 2. A study partner.

    Zero sugar. Gluten-free. Vegan. We reimagined vitamins for a more effective solution, minus all the junk and fillers often found in traditional pills and gummies.

  • 3. Easy for on-the-go.

    From Focus to Sleep, each vitamin formula is designed to support your wellness routine. Soak in the benefits, and replace with a new patch daily - you won’t even know they’re there!


  • "I use the Sleep and Immunity formulas and appreciate that they don’t have sugar like chewable gummies.”

  • “The Patch Brand's Stress Relief Patches are worth checking out… I can feel the calming effects after about 30 minutes.”

  • “The Patch Brand makes vitamin consumption super easy with their patches that stick right onto your skin!”

  • “...a company designed to reimagine high-quality products for the everyday consumer.”

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How It Works

  • 1. Peel

  • 2. Stick

  • 3. Enjoy!

Featured Reviews

  • Rated with 5 stars

    "It’s really amazing 🤩. I enjoy the concept of the patch and I use it daily. Can’t wait to re-up!"

    Verified Buyer

  • Rated with 5 stars

    "I had a nice energy boost throughout the day and then used my sleep patch at night for a restful slumber."

    Verified Buyer

  • Rated with 5 stars

    "I absolutely love the focus patches. I’m a nanny and I swear these patches keeping me going all day!"

    Verified Buyer

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