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Product Overview: Immunity Vitamin Patch

Are you already feeling under the weather? Or just trying to have a happy, healthy cold season without a pesky virus cramping your style? The Patch Brand has just what you need to help your immune system perform at its very best. What’s the secret? Let’s dive in.


Introducing our Immunity Vitamin Patch


What benefits will our immunity vitamin patches bring into your life? Everyone wants to have better health throughout the year. Often when we first notice ourselves getting sick, however, it’s already too late to do much more than support ourselves through the illness. The Patch Brand’s immunity patches give you another tool to help strengthen your immune system.

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Immunity Vitamin Patch Benefits


Did you know that many of the same vitamins and minerals that help us feel better when we’re under the weather are used by our immune system to stay strong and effective? So whether you need a pick-me-up as you deal with colds and flu, or you want to help ensure your immune system is at its very best all season long, you’re sure to love the natural boost this vitamin patch offers.


How To Use Our Immunity Vitamin Patch


It couldn’t be easier to use the patch, either! Simply peel the patch from its backing, and attach it to a hair-free area of skin. Leave it in place for 24-hours before swapping it out, and you’re done! We suggest applying the patch to a different sport daily to allow the skin to breathe. Any excess gum left behind can be cleaned off with soap and water. 

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Immunity Vitamin Patch Ingredients


Immunity is the name of the game with the Immunity Patch. That’s Why we’ve focused on proven immune-boosting ingredients. Think Vitamin C, Zinc Glycinate, Ginkgo, and Echinacea. These will help your body fight off infection, as well as give the immune system the support it needs to respond at its very best.


Why Vitamin Patches?


Why choose a vitamin patch over a pill or capsule? The Patch Company knows how important it is for you to find the right match for your needs, so let’s take a closer look. 


Reason #1 - Consistent Dosages


Our digestive systems don’t always perform at their best. Whether it’s a bit of extra inflammation from last night’s meal, or an upset tummy speeding everything along, your vitamin pill or gummy may not be absorbed consistently every day. Not so with transdermal vitamin patches, which deliver the same dose consistently every single time.


Reason #2 - Transparent Ingredients


There’s no hidden fillers or unnecessary additives in the Patch Brand’s vitamin patches. Just the vitamins and extracts you want, delivered efficiently through the skin. No need to check fillers for allergens or avoid capsules for dietary reasons. 


Reason #3 - All-Day Support


Because of the dermal delivery system, the formula can be delivered to you all day, every day. No sudden surge in the blood, no fading after a few hours. All-day support the easy way. 


Frequently Asked Vitamin Patch Questions


We’ve rounded up some of the FAQs we’re commonly asked about our immunity vitamin patch. We know it can be intimidating to try out a vitamin patch for the first time, but these will help put your mind at rest. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, there’s plenty of info on our website, too, and we’re always happy to hear from you.


Question #1 - When should I use the immunity patch?

You can use an immunity patch daily through cold and flu season if you feel like you need it, or when life is stressful and you need a little boost. Alternatively, start using it when you begin to feel under the weather. 

Question #2 - How long do vitamin patches last?


The Immunity patch is designed to cover you for up to a 24-hour period, so you can use one a day to help enhance your body’s natural protection.


Question #3 - Can you use two vitamin patches at same time?


There’s no harm in using two Immunity vitamin patches at once, but you also shouldn’t feel the need to. Each wellness vitamin patch is carefully crafted to bring you the right amount of support as you need it, so there’s no real need to double up unless you need some extra support at a strenuous activity. 


Introduction to The Patch Brand

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The Patch Brand is the brainchild of a group of friends who found themselves frustrated at the many lacks of the traditional vitamin industry. From this frustration, a new way to supplement was born. Working with only the very best ingredients and time-trusted formulas, the Patch Brand is here to help you be the very best you you can be. Why not try the Patch Brand difference today?