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Vitamin Patches: A Healthier Alternative to Pills

Vitamin Patches: An Overview


In the wider world of health and wellness, the vitamin patch might be a novel new concept for you. Offering a new way to deliver vitamins, sometimes more effectively than through the gut, and with a host of other benefits, they’re all the rage. Is it time you powered up your vitamin patch game? Here’s the Patch Brand’s basic guide to vitamin patches.


What are Vitamin Patches


Vitamin patches are, quite literally, patches you will apply to your skin. This allows the vitamin layer within them to be absorbed through the skin, delivering targeted, long-term absorption where it counts the most. Our patches can last up to 24 hours, for example.


Benefits Of Vitamin Patches


What are the vitamin patch benefits? By offering a different means of delivery, one that skips the digestive system entirely, your vitamin patch can be more efficiently absorbed. For many of us, a capsule or tablet either passes through our system too fast, is absorbed in the wrong place, or isn’t well absorbed at all due to issues like low gastric acid, poor absorption, and damage to the stomach lining. Plus, tablets tend to be stuffed with fillers and other unnecessary items, none of which need to be in your system at all. The longer exposure time and better absorption can help you make more of the product. 


The Patch Brand

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It’s time to experience patch power for yourself! The Patch Brand was formed when a group of friends, tired of low-quality vitamin supplements, took the power back into their own hands. The Patch Brand is proud to bring you a paraben-free, latex- and fragrance-free, hypoallergenic vitamin patch brand that’s water resistant and long-lasting. They’re also vegan friendly, cruelty free, and made with love!


Vitamin Patches


We’re proud to offer you a range of bespoke formulations especially designed to give you the  daily boost you need to be your best. No fillers, not dubious ingredients, no pills to swallow. Just a healthier, happier you with a once-a-day vitamin patch that’s comfortable and non-irritating to wear.


Vitamin Patch For Sleep


Our sleep vitamin patch brings you time-tested and trusted ingredients that help encourage the mind to wind down into ‘sleep mode’.  Soothing and dreamy, you’ll feel more relaxed and better able to allow dreams to come. Prompting a deeper feeling of relaxation and hopefully leading to longer sleep too, you’ll soon be waking fresh and restored. 

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Vitamin Patch For Energy


What’s in our vitamin patch for energy? This specially chosen blend of vitamins let you skip the morning coffee and grab a dose of real energy instead. We promise, we even included a little caffeine, too! Backed by the all-important B-vitamins, alongside green tea, taurine, and attention-focusing glucuronolactone, you’ll soon have the pep in your step you're looking for. 


Vitamin Patch For Focus


How is our focus vitamin patch different from our energy vitamin patch? This formula is designed to help support your brain for better focus and mental clarity. While some of the ever-valuable B-family still make an appearance, this time you’ll find a formula packed with science-backed herbs and minerals that help improve cognitive focus and boost memory. It should be easier to stay focused, and you may be able to work better for longer.

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Vitamin Patch For Stress Relief


Everyone needs some support from stress, and our stress vitamin patches for tough times are there to deliver just that. We’ve used a herbal blend of adaptogens and time-proven ingredients known to help regulate the cortisol/adrenaline cycle and promote calm in the body without being sleep-inducing. 


Vitamin Patch For Immunity


When our immune system can work its very best, we can keep bugs at bay and live a happier, healthier life. And that's exactly what our immunity vitamin patch will help you do. Packed with ingredients that help promote well-being in the immune system, reduce inflammation, stimulate appropriate white blood cell and immunity responses, and help keep you in tip-top shape, you’ll soon be feeling better from what ails you.l