vitamin infused patches

5 Things To Know About Vitamin Patches

In today's fast-paced world, it can be difficult to find the time to get all the vitamins and nutrients you need for your body to function at its peak. You may have heard about things called vitamin deficiencies which are very common when your body doesn't get what it needs to stay healthy. Vitamin patches are an effective way of getting your daily dose of necessary vitamins while also getting some more advantages like physical performance and better sleep.

What are vitamin patches?

Vitamin patches are adhesives that are soaked in a mixture of vitamins and other supplements that you stick to the inside of your wrist. These patches release their vitamins slowly into the body through the skin so you get the full benefit of the patch throughout the day or night. The benefit of these patches is that the absorption rate is much higher than pills or tablets because the vitamins are going through the skin directly.

What are the benefits of vitamin patches?

One question that comes up regularly is 'do vitamin patches work?' There are many benefits to using vitamin patches including:
  • An even infusion of vitamins all day or night - the patch is designed to evenly distribute the same amount of vitamins throughout the day or at night when you use the sleep patch
  • A boost to your general health and well-being - vitamins that are used for boosting mood and physical performance are absorbed more effectively through the patch.
  • Increased cognitive abilities and physical performance - The patch for memory and focus can improve brain activity. Other vitamins can enhance endurance and reduce recovery time after intense exercise.
When it comes to vitamin patches, there are five important things you need to know before you start to use them:

There are different types of vitamin patches

Depending on what health benefit you are looking for, there are different vitamin patches to choose from:
  • Immunity vitamins
  • Vitamins for stress
  • Sleep patches
  • Focus Vitamins
  • The best vitamins for energy

Vitamin patches don't contain fillers

Even the best vitamin brands contain fillers so not everything you are ingesting is good or necessary for your body. With vitamin patches, you are not getting any filler, you are getting the maximum effect of the vitamins as they are absorbed directly into your body through the patch.

Vitamin patches have a better absorption rate than regular vitamins

Studies have shown that a very small percentage of the beneficial vitamin gets absorbed by the body when you take a pill or a capsule. With the vitamin patches, the absorption rate is much higher because it is going through the skin into the body. This is also good for people who have digestive issues because there is no stomach upset with the patch brand.

It is safe to mix vitamin patches

The multivitamin patches come in different types to provide a benefit for all of your health needs like boosting immunity, helping with sleep and providing more energy. The top vitamin brands carry multivitamins in pill form, but they are not as effective or get absorbed as efficiently as the patches. When you take an energy patch and an immunity patch at the same time, you are getting the maximum effect of both. The only recommendation regarding mixing patches is that you don't mix two opposing patches like energy and sleep because you will not get the full benefit of either one of them.

Steady and long-lasting effects

Vitamin patches are designed to release the vitamin slowly and steadily throughout the day or night so you get the full benefit for the entire time you are wearing them. They are designed to work for a full 24 hours although chances are if you are wearing an energy patch you will take it off to go to sleep and replace it with a sleep patch. The patch is applied directly to the skin for the fastest absorption into the body possible.
When you are looking for a more effective solution to a vitamin deficiency or you have adverse reactions to pills and tablets, try the vitamin patch. The patch is easy to use, safe and lasts all day or night depending on when you take it. If you want to get the most benefit out of the vitamins available, vitamin patches are an easy alternative. From energy to sleep, there are different patches that will help you function at your peak, and then get a good night's rest at the end of a successful day.