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Product Overview: Stress Relief Vitamin Patch

In a world where our diets don’t always support us, and our deadlines don’t let us be the people we want to be, it’s time to take your health into your own hands. The Patch Brand is proud to offer a comprehensive range of healthy vitamin patches, including our beloved stress relief patch. Let’s take a closer look. 


Introducing Our Stress Relief Vitamin Patch


Stress may be a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it lying down! With our special blend of extracts, minerals, and vitamins in your pocket, you have a super-secret weapon against day-to-day stress and support for stressful times. 

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Stress Relief Vitamin Patch Benefits


Stress relief needs to be more than a buzzword. Stress takes a toll on the body, accelerating aging, and making us feel under the weather and low. No one can work at their best when stress is running the show. That’s why the Patch Brand has specially formulated this healthy vitamin patch to help you ward off the worst stress, so you can spend more time being the you you love. 


How To Use Our Stress Relief Vitamin Patch


Use a patch a day to help support your body through stress. With our 24-hour formula on your side, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your body has everything it needs to lower cortisol, relax, and put your focus where it should be. Don’t let stress run the show anymore- it’s time to let the Patch Brand stress relief vitamin patch help you be your best self.


Stress Relief Vitamin Patch Ingredients


We’ve built the Stress Relief Vitamin Patch from trusted ingredients that help promote a sense of well-being and calm in the body. This includes Valerian Root, Passionflower, Vitamin B6, and Ashwagandha. Each of these ingredients helps to promote calm naturally through the body’s own pathways. 

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Why Vitamin Patches?


What makes vitamin patches stand out from the rest? In an over-saturated market, you might be struggling to find the perfect vitamin match for your needs. Let’s take a look at how vitamin patches can help.


Reason #1 - Extended Release Vitamins


No matter how high-quality a pill may be, it still has to be processed by the digestive system. And not all of us are efficient at getting the best from items we take by mouth. Plus, it’s one and done. With an extended release vitamin patch you bypass this need, absorbing directly through the skin ina  sustained-release formula that supports you 24/7.


Reason #2 - Healthy Vitamin Ingredients


With a vitamin patch for stress relief, there’s no need to wonder what else is in the patch. All you get is the ingredients on the box, specially formulated for maximal dermal absorption. No stress or worries. 


Reason #3 - Ease of use


No pills to swallow, no timetables to keep, just slap on a patch and go about your daily business with no worries. 


Frequently Asked Vitamin Patch Questions


New to the vitamin patch world? Or simply born curious. Here are three commonly asked questions about our stress relief vitamins. There’s some more on our webpage, too, so feel free to explore. 


Question #1 - How do I use this patch?


Apply the patch to a hair-free area of skin (the inner wrist is great). Leave it on for 24 hours, then replace the patch. We suggest using a slightly different location every day, so that the skin can breathe. If you find there’s some adhesive residue remaining, soap and water will do the trick.

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Question #2 - When should I use this patch?


Our Stress Relief vitamin patches can be used daily if you’re having a rough period. Daily life stress can quickly take a toll on our bodies, so have a box in the cupboard to help support yourself through rough patches. 


Question #3 - Can I combine this with other patches?


Yes, you can combine our Stress Relief patch with other patches. Do make sure to use some thought, however. You don’t want to pair up a calming vitamin patch with an energizing vitamin patch, or you run the risk of canceling out the effects. Select the patch that best supports your needs at the moment. 


Introduction to The Patch Brand


It’s time to evolve how you think about vitamins! The Patch Brand was founded by a group of friends who were tired of the endless limitations, impurities, and lies of the traditional supplement industry. Instead, it’s time to experience the Patch Brand difference- trusted and time-tested formulas you can rely on, and nothing else. Which will you try first?